Welcome to the Brinc Spearhead Program. Offering exclusive access to airdrops, bug bounties, governance tokens, community rewards, and more, this invite-only program is designed to engage our community and to reward early adopters for helping us build a better Brinc. THE SPEARHEAD PROGRAM IS STILL FULL, BUT YOU CAN STILL SIGN UP TO JOIN BRINC!

Bug Bounty Program

Found a bug? Let us know and earn rewards!

Community Participation

Participate in events and get early access to new features!

Staking Program

Invest early and help contribute to lower mining costs!


Get rewarded for supporting the community

In our community channels, you will have a special badge to show others you belong to the invite-only program. This will give you access to private areas and future events.

You will be able to test and access new features before they are released to the public. You will get to purchase Brinc tokens helping to lock your investments at lower prices.

These tokens will be given out as rewards to the community. There is a finite amount and will only be given at specific periods of time. Those in the community that own governance tokens get to directly impact the future of Brinc.

Get best plans for more power

Sign up for Brinc!

While Spearhead is full, you can still sign up for Brinc! After you sign up, we will send you an email to collect your ETH wallet. Please allow the system 24 hours to send you an email.

About the program

Brinc Finance has created the world’s first Intrinsic Value Protocol (IVP). The Brinc Token (BRC) is a defi cryptocurrency backed by on-chain reserves that delivers intrinsic value by distributing fees and governance tokens directly to holders. The BRC Token is powered by an algorithmic bonding curve which governs the minting, burning, price, and supply via smart contract.

Unlike many traditional cryptocurrency projects, Brinc Finance will not mint tokens for sale in an ICO nor allocate and distribute funds to founders.  All purchases of the BRC Token go into reserve smart contracts to create value for the BRC protocol.  Governance of the protocol is determined by holders of the Brinc Governance Token (gBRC), and all changes to the Brinc protocol will be initiated by gBRC Token holders, subject to minimum levels. 

To facilitate the minting, burning, staking & trading of BRC, Brinc Finance is developing the proprietary Brinc dAPP that will launch in May 2021. As part of the dev process, we are launching the Brinc Spearhead Program, the closed BETA period of the Brinc dAPP, and we are inviting select community members to participate in helping us refine the dApp in advance of its public launch.


We know you want them!

Brinc Spearhead Program Rewards will be paid out in the form of Brinc Governance tokens (gBRC).

This token will not be distributed immediately as the implementation is still under development. In the meantime, there will be an on-chain ledger, written as a smart contract, to log all user rewards. The smart contract address will be released publicly once the program begins, and the list of awardees will be posted on the Brinc Discourse site.

Participants are encouraged to actively participate in the programs, as rewards are based on level and frequency of participation, quality of bug discovery, and the value that you bring to the community. 

In addition, we will be running a variety of pop-up challenges and bounty programs that will give you the opportunity to earn outsized rewards.

bug bounty

help us test

Our community will not only drive value but also make the Brinc platform better! The bugs reports that are submitted by users will be internally processed. The bug will be investigated and then ranked. The ranking of the bug will determine the reward that the submitter will receive. These rewards are limited, however, there will be future opportunities to earn community-based rewards.


What was that?
gBRC 100
  • 10 Claimable


Ok guys, I know there is something!
gBRC 1,000
  • 5 Claimable


gBRC 5,000
  • 2 Claimable


Didn't want to say this, but, I told you so!
gBRC 10,000
  • 1 Claimable
bug bounty claims

Once a bug report has been investigated and ranked, the bug submitter will be contacted via email/Discord. Once the submitter has responded and claimed their reward, the bounty claims will be updated and rewards will be logged into a ledger.

your community

Community Participation & Adoption

The Community Participation & Adoption section of the Brinc Spearhead Program is designed to build an active community around the Brinc project. Spearheaders have the opportunity to earn rewards and commissions for completing various tasks and helping to bring new community members into the project. The rewards listed below are for the first set of Brinc Spearheaders to earn.

Program Participation1500
Invite A Friend  
Join Discourse120
Helpful Posts5100
Follow Brinc Social Channels
(Reward per channel followed)

In addition, we will be running a variety of pop-up challenges that will give you the opportunity to earn additional one-time rewards. We expect to run a minimum of one challenge per week during the closed BETA period, and encourage Spearheaders to actively follow our social media and Discord channels to learn more.

get in early

Staking Program

The Staking Program section of the Brinc Spearhead Program will be launching soon and is designed to encourage the community to help propagate BRC Tokens by committing them for specific time periods to support the security and operations of the Brinc blockchain network. By committing minted BRC Tokens to the platform through staking efforts, Spearheaders contribute to lower mining costs & wider adoption of BRC Tokens across the crypto ecosystem.

With this offering we are excited to give Spearheaders the opportunity to earn gBRC Tokens in addition to traditional staking & lending rates, giving you the ability to earn significant ROI on your commitment. 

For the Staking Program, reward amounts are determined by a combination of the amount of BRC Tokens committed (Proof of Stake – or PoS) and the period of time for which the BRC Tokens are held on deposit. To encourage Spearheaders in their commitment, rewards are built on an increasing scale of return. Level 1 Rewards are the base level commitment, with incrementally more valuable returns associated with the increasingly higher levels, with Level 5 Rewards being the top tier and most profitable level of participation.







Level 1






Level 2






Level 3






Level 4






Level 5






Spearheaders that choose to participate in the Staking Program must decide their level of participation at the time of enrollment, and the full PoS amount associated with the level at which you are enrolling will be required at that time.

While we encourage participants to hold to the full time period of the level at which they enroll, we understand that unforeseen circumstances can result in the need to withdraw your stake prior to the maturity date. Early withdrawals are subject to the following restrictions: 1) Period of participation will be determined based on the number of full months completed; 2) Rate of Return will be calculated at the closest fully completed Period for the respective Level (for example, a Spearheader that commits a Level 4 PoS of 25,000 BRC Tokens, but completes just 10-months of their commitment, the Rate of Return will be calculated at the Level 3 % rate).

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Sign up For Brinc!

While Spearhead is full, you can still sign up for Brinc! After you sign up, we will send you an email to collect your ETH wallet. Please allow the system 24 hours to send you an email.