Smart Contract Developer

Seoul (KR), San Fransisco (US) , Los Angeles (US), Remote

About the job

Brinc is building a decentralized currency for use in defi lending and payment applications. We are currently looking for someone who has a strong passion for cryptocurrency, defi, and for decentralization to join our team. Brinc is preparing to go live to market in 2Q2021.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop solidity smart contract code
  • Test any code that is written
  • Refactor code cyclically

Required Skills:

Proficiency in solidity smart contract development (Solidity)

  • Gas efficiency
  • Storage efficiency
  • Proficiency in web3 tooling (ranging in varying degrees of complexity)
  • web3js
  • wallet applications (BIP39 from scratch if you’re fancy)
  • explorers
  • Experience with smart contract testing tools/suites
  • slither
  • mythril/mythx
  • truffle
  • hardhat
  • scribble
  • Experience interacting with the Ethereum network.
  • geth/parity/besu/…
  • remix
  • Must know how to use GitHub and development workflows (CI/CD)
  • Strong understanding of design patterns and security in solidity
  • Deep knowledge of smart contract security vulnerabilities and mitigation solutions


  • Experience developing with eWASM
  • Understanding of DeFi protocols and related technologies
  • Understanding of the EVM and how it works