Brinc FAQ

A. We will be going into testing soon. We are keeping track of rewards and will start airdropping when Brinc launches! Make sure to follow us on in order to stay updated on airdrops and participate in our Discord server!

A. You’ve done everything you needed to do right now! We will be messaging on Discord and our social channels for next steps when we go into testing. Until then, help support other members and be active to earn more rewards!

A. We will be posting this to our website later this month

Right now the Spearhead Program is not accepting any more users. Make sure to register on the website for your chance to participate. Normal users will also have a chance to participate in airdrops and testing as well. People who are helpful and active in our community channels may be rewarded with a special Spearhead invite as well.

A. Being in the Spearhead Program is not a requirement. However, there are many perks to being a Spearheader. We have some listed on the Spearhead Program page. But there are many more unlisted perks!

A. You can tell your friends about Brinc! On the registration page, there is a field where they can put your Discord ID (example: username#1234).

A. Currently, there are no plans for a public token sale. The Brinc token (BRC) is a bonding curve token so it will not be pre-minted nor pre-mined and sold. The Brinc Governance token (gBRC) will be distributed to the community with a small amount reserved for the team, advisors and financial backers.

A. We will be posting this to our website later this month.

A. Currently no VC funds and the project has been funded completely by the team.

A. We are in talks with a several projects in our sector as business development and partnerships is a continuous activity for our team. We will make announcements in the discord channel in due time.

A. Yes, this is a dual token model: Brinc (BRC) bonding curve token and Brinc Governance Token (gBRC)

A. Github repo: our code is pushed to a Github repo and currently being tested privately. We will make the code public after sufficient testing.

A. We have a leading security audit firm that will be continuously running security tests on our code. Stay tuned for more announcements on this.

A. Marketing is an ongoing exercise for us, and we will continue to push to expand our presence and reach across all channels and media.

:warning: Please be vigilant against scams! There are FAKE Brinc servers and social profiles being created to scam. You may also see fake admins/groups/emails conducting airdrops and scams or asking users to reach out for customer support. If you required customer support, you should reach out to an admin first or direct message us on our official channels. WE WILL NEVER ASK FOR PASSWORDS, PRIVATE KEYS, OR PRIVATE INFORMATION.

Please check that you are talking to the real admins! We’re in green and at the top of the server list. You can tag us in our official channels and them reach out via DM. If you see a scam, please do not share with the general community, instead reach out to an admin that is online. Make sure to verify who you’re talking to! Never assume you’re talking to an admin!

Official Channels:


Keep Safe

:arrow_forward: Do not share your private keys or personal identity with anyone
Brinc admins will not DM you asking for crypto, money, or funds
:arrow_forward: If you do not see an airdrop on our website or in our official social channels above, we are not running one!
:arrow_forward: Please do not send money, crypto, or funds to strange websites, channels, servers, or addresses.

We never email users directly! If you email us make sure the email ends in – If you suspect an email has been spoofed, you can always come here to ask us!