Hello Spearheaders!

Thank you for your patience with us – we’ve been heavily focused on getting ourselves on top of everything Brinc – and we’re pleased to report that we’re making fantastic progress.
For starters: We’ve been actively recruiting for a number of roles, the most important being those on the Dev Team. We are STOKED to share that we now have FOUR full-time smart contract developers, so we are locked and loaded for our push to launch.

That said, we are still looking for some additional team members. Roles that we are hoping to lock down in the next few weeks include a Social Marketing Manager/Designer, and a Digital Content Writer. If you or anyone you know might be interested, please DM me and let me know!
Next: We know you’ve been asking about it, and we are pleased to announce that we have selected Certik for our security audit. Their clients include industry heavyweights like Binance, AAVE, Matic (Polygon), Bancor and more. They are a world leader in blockchain security auditing, and we are fortunate to have a partner of their caliber joining the project. Certik will be conducting a 2-week security audit on the Brinc code repository and publishing an Audit report in mid-June. More information will be provided once the audit is complete (for reference: https://www.certik.org/projects/brincfi.)
But wait, there’s more! Not satisfied with just a one-time security audit, we have also partnered with Consensys, and will be pioneering their new product offering, Diligence. Diligence is designed as a  comprehensive FaaS (Fuzzing-as-a-Service) where members of the Consensys diligence team will be working with Brinc developers to continually test our smart contracts over a six-month period to safeguard against vulnerabilities and security threats.
Product Roadmap: We’ll be posting our product roadmap in the next few weeks. Now that we have our new dev team members on board, we’re making final updates to the roadmap to capture the new timelines and additional functionality that we’ll be building into our final launch-ready product. As soon as it is ready for prime time, we’ll be sharing it with you here first!
Marketing: While admittedly, we have been holding back on making any big marketing pushes recently, that dam is about to break! Stay tuned for more, as we’ve got a number of updates that we’ll be sharing with you as coverage picks up.


You are now UP TO DATE! Have a fantastic week, and we’ll be seeing you online!

Cheers, The Brinc Team