The Bonding Curve Protocol with Continuous Compounding

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What is Brinc?

Brinc (BRC) is an intrinsic value protocol backed by on chain reserves that increases in value with supply

Reserve Backed. Transparent. Secure.

Reserve Backed

Intrinsic value is established and verified as the market value of the BRC token is backed by reserves of BTC, DAI, and ETH


BRC tokens are minted when a buyer’s funds (crypto) are placed into a reserve. These reserves are held on the public blockchain to allow for full transparency


BRC is an ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain that conforms to the Ethereum Improvement Proposals. All transactions are conducted via smart contracts, and all reserves are held in smart contracts so as to ensure decentralization and a trustless structure

The Benefits of Brinc

The BRC token holds intrinsic value as it bonds multiple cryptocurrencies into a reserve pool, minimizes price volatility and provides a store of value tied to the market value of the underlying asset reserves.

High Rewards

In addition to the Bonding Curve algorithm that serves to increase the BRC Token price as supply grows,  protocol fees are fully distributed through sustainable staking rewards. All fees generated in the minting and burning of BRC Tokens are redistributed back to holders in a sustainable staking rewards model.

Constant Liquidity

By direct trading with a smart contract, tokens can be bought or sold at any time, enabling the BRC token to maintain constant liquidity.

Price Appreciation

The BRC token reverses the inflation inherent in cryptocurrencies and stablecoins by gradually increasing the price of the token via a bonding curve algorithm which sets price as an increasing function of supply.

Brinc Bonding Curve

The Brinc token is built on a bonding curve model, a mathematical/cryptoeconomic concept used to describe the price and supply relationship between two assets.

Increasing Value. Price Support. Steady Growth.

Increasing Value

Price upside is built in by the bonding curve as each Brinc token is created via an increasing price function. As token supply increases, the price of Brinc also increases.

Price Support

For each BRC token minted and put into supply there is an equivalent value of reserve tokens to provide price support. The BRC token will revert back to its bonding curve price as it is backed by the value of reserve tokens.

Steady Growth

The bonding curve model delivers consistent and dependable value for token holders. As more users adopt the BRC token and the price per token increases, existing token holders will see the value of their tokens continue to grow as long as they hold their BRC tokens.

How to buy Brinc

Buying and selling is super easy.

  • Connect via crypto wallet (Metamask, Portis, or Ledger)
  • Pay with crypto, or credit card
  • A mathematical algorithm calculates the price and number of tokens which are transferred to your wallet

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